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Greetings to the North Suburban Hennepin Community: It is with great pride and excitement that I share with you all today that two beloved Meals on Wheels programs, Community Emergency Assistance Programs (CEAP) in Brooklyn Center and Northwest Suburban Dinner At Your Door (DAYD) in Crystal will be merging into one program as of July

We have exciting news about a new program at CEAP! CEAP Essentials: Kids’ Edition aims to provide a little something special to bring joy during this stressful time. When a family comes to pick up their CEAP Essentials emergency groceries, each child will get a special bag of items just for them! Each bag will

To our community: Our CEAP staff and board are reaching out their hands with love, peace and abundance to our neighbors and wrapping our arms around our community in solidarity. The ongoing health crisis and the recent tragic murder of George Floyd remind each of us that safety, security and stability can be vulnerable states;

CEAP continues to depend on a core group of volunteers during this time. Volunteers are assisting in the packing of CEAP Essentials, sorting food rescue, and providing curbside grocery service to participants. We’ve taken extra measures to ensure the wellness and safety of our volunteers, which is our top priority at CEAP. CEAP has increased

CEAP is partnering with AmeriCorps Emergency Response Initiative to host an Emergency Response Member. The Member will be an essential part of the CEAP team in providing our community with needed resources during COVID-19 pandemic. CEAP has pivoted to curb side pickup of CEAP Essential groceries, and Meals on Wheels Delivery every two weeks. This

Happy Volunteer Week!

CEAP has received a 25K matching grant from Otto Bremer Trust. This means that your donations will be DOUBLED until we reach $25,000! We need your help to get there. Help us meet the match by giving now at!

During the month of February, CEAP is celebrating our love for YOU, our community! We’ll be sharing a story each week from a volunteer and/or donor about their experience at CEAP and the “why” behind their commitment to our community! This week’s spotlight is Mike Witzany. Two years ago, Mike was attending a local

It’s February, the season of love! To celebrate, CEAP is sharing stories of our volunteers, donors, and community members. This week, we’re celebrating Mike White, who has been volunteering with our CEAP Meals on Wheels program since 2012. Mike experienced a quick transition into retirement after a career at CenterPoint Energy, and almost immediately

During the month of February, CEAP is celebrating our love for YOU, our community! We’ll be sharing a story each week from a volunteer and/or donor about their experience at CEAP and the “why” behind their commitment to our community! Our first piece is about Tony, a volunteer and donor who has been at

As we age, our nutritional requirements change and our appetites often decline. Getting the right nutrients for our bodies can be difficult and expensive—but it doesn’t have to be! Today, we’ll share more about two CEAP programs that aim to address the nutritional needs and barriers to food access for our senior neighbors, in

As Baby Boomers reach and surpass the 65 year age mark, the U.S. is experiencing a large influx of people into the senior demographic. And because of medical advances and education regarding health and wellness, people are living longer than ever before. We have and will continue to have a large population of people who

CEAP’s Meals on Wheels program provided 31,604 meals to 251 people in 2019. But Meals on Wheels is more than a meal– it’s a program that keeps seniors engaged in their communities and gives family members peace of mind. Each day they deliver a meal, Meals

Exciting news! For the 12th year running, the Meals on Wheels network is participating in the 2019 Subaru Share the Love Event. Over the past eleven years, Subaru and its retailers have helped Meals on Wheels to deliver more than 2.2 million meals nationwide to seniors in need. Why does Subaru support

After we announced our second location in partnership with Second Harvest Heartland, we know some people were asking “Wait, what? Don’t CEAP and Second Harvest Heartland do the exact same thing?” And our response is: “Well…. No!” But what IS the difference between a food bank like Second Harvest Heartland, and a food